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glutax 500gs


GLUTAX 500GS White Reverse 

Caviar Nutrition Stem Cell is very rich in vitamins A, D, B1, B2, B6 and micro-elements Co, Cu, P, Si, Sn as well as amino acids such asglycine, lysine, histidine, arginine and asparagine. Those ingredients intensity the processes inside the skin cells and at the same time slow down the aging process by moisturizing the skin.

 Caviar Nutrition Stem Cell firms your skin and provides the highest possible level of hydration. Caviar also stimulates the regeneration of the skin, it posses antioxidant qualities and protects against harmful UV damage. Additionally, the components of caviar are well absorbed without allergic reaction 

Glutax 500GS White Reverse is a powerful regenerator of immune cells and is easily the most important agent in keeping the body detoxified and healthy. Glutathione is vital important in the synthesis of DNA and the maintenance DNA, the synthesis of protein and amino acids, so the body can utilize them effectively.
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 Also glutathione plays an important part in the removal of synthetic chemical toxins and carcinogens and resulting free radicals, whilst playing a significant role in optimizing the immune system. In addition, it is essential in protecting cells from oxidization and activate enzymes vital for the removal of all toxic build up at the cellular level. Did you know Glutathione levels, you will notice an increase energy, your body will detoxify itself and your immune system will be strengthened significantly.
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 There are many that claim, oral ingestion of “whitening” glutathione injection may also help to lighten the colour of your skin. 

Glutax 500GS White Reverse also has exceptionally strong antiviral effects. High levels of Glutathione in the body and subsequently in tissues and blood serum, have been shown to inhibit and prevent the replication of virtually all pathogens. By the same token. if the levels of glutathione are too low in the body, the body is far more susceptible to virus and pathogen invasion. 

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Reducing Age Spots 
Reducing Pigmentation & Freckles 
Fair Skin, Firm Skin 
Boost Energy 
Radiants Complexion 
Smooth Skin, Soft Skin 
Reducing Fine Lines & Wrinkles 
Improve Immune System 
Liver Health & Improve Sleep Quality 
Improve the Brightness and Radiants of the Skin 
Improve the Unbalance Skin Tone 
Promoting Firmness and Elasticity of the Skin 

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Ultrafiltrazione Glutathione 500g 
Acido Alfa Lipoico 700mg 
Epidermal Growth Factor 2000mg 
Acido Cogico 500mg 
Cinnamomum Subevenium 325mg 
Multivitaminico 3500mg 
Selenio 600mg 
Caviar Nutrition Stem Cell 220mg 


Glutathione 10vials 
5ml x 10ampoules 
2ml x 10ampoules

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