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gluta frosta plus

  • Glutathione supplement memutihkan dan melicinkan kulit.
    Melambatkan proses penuaan.
    Melangsingkan badan,
    Menyekatakan tona warna kulit menjadikan bersinar dengan aura.
    Menghilangkan jerawat dan parut. Mengurangkan kedutan, bintik gelap, freckles, membantu mempercepatkan kulit menjadi berseri yang semula jadi kemerah-merahan.
    Supplement yang mudah dan selamat.
    Anda tidak perlu menahan sakit dan membazirkan wang anda dgn kaedah suntikan dan pembedahan.

    Berapa lama untuk nampak kesan?
    Perubahan seawal dalam 2 minggu, perubahan ketara adalah seperti berikut:
    * Kulit yang sederhana cerah "Light-medium brown skin" : 1 - 3 bulan
    * Kulit yang tona gelap "Dark brown skin": 3 - 6 bulan
    * Kulit yang amat gelap " Very dark skin" : 6 - 12 bulan
    * Kulit hitam " Black skin": Sekurang-kurangnya 18 bulan ke atas

    Gluta Frosta Plus Whitening Skin Reduce Acne Freckles Dark Spot Tighten Pore EU, America Japan Ingredients (30 capsules)

    GlutaFrosta Plus is a dietary supplement for healthy skin level premiums that has been ongoing research and development to a new level deep. We study and understand the behavior of living skin problems and the needs of Thailand 's most so GlutaFrosta Plus , it seems to be the answer for people of all ages and all skin GlutaFrosta Plus helps build a healthy and improve the beauty of your skin appears remarkably Everyone must be turned on .

    GlutaFrosta plus White Wing White River ! Faster than ever !

    GlutaFrosta Plus is a dietary supplement for healthy skin level premiums that have been researched and developed constantly to deepen further our education. Main ingredients import from EU America and Japan.
    GlutaFrosta plus suitable for Asian, so most GlutaFrosta Plus is your answer. Best for people of all ages and all skin GlutaFrosta Plus help enhance the health and beauty of skin development .To appear remarkably Everyone must be turned on .

    Behind the scenes of acne blemishes and dark spots.
    As we are always exposed to pollution. The ultraviolet (UV) and eating junk food effect strength of the skin with less acne blemishes addition. Melanin also generates skin cells to change color to darker . These are natural mechanisms . Caused to the common people, especially in the country. Exposed to tropical sunshine all year round.

    GlutaFrosta Plus truly understand the skin problems. We have carefully selected the best nutrients from around the world that helps. New balance of the body New white balance and skin 's natural radiance . Firm up and smooth reasonable. Natural nutrients in the GlutaFrosta Plus these are the right answers.

    + Clog acne on face and back .
    + Renew the strength of collagen . To tighten and firm
    + Add strength to the skin. To get to the sun Pollution and daily
    Reduce the appearance of freckles and dark spots traces .
    + Add moisture and elasticity.
    + Provides smooth wrinkles and tighten pores.
    + Soothe and condition the skin redness caused by Krause (skin peeling), laser , or sunlight .

    Clear white balance adjustment to these new GlutaFrosta Plus starting treatment systems within the body. Continuing to the deepest layer of skin cells . Until we see the epidermis.

    • Smooth skin with no wrinkl
    • Antioxidants & Anti-aging
    • Regeneration of collagen, tighten and firm
    • Reduce Acne on face and back.
    • Bright and reduce wrinkles with pine bark
    • Moisturize and flexibility skin.
    • Reduce Freckles and dark spots.
    Enhancing skin's health and make the skin pinky white

    Dosage: Take 1-2 Capsules per day
    Storage: Keep in a cool dry place
    Condition: Brand new & Never used with a seal from factory
    Size: 30 Capsules/Box (Premium 34,200 mg.)
    Quantity: 1 Box


    Glutathione: Many of us are already familiar with Glutathione. All blood cells need Glutathione to clean out all toxics in our bodies. Liver is our main factories in producing Glutathione. Another appreciate benefit of Glutathione is its ability to inhibit melanin to produce dark color on skin. The result is whiter and brighter skin.

    Glutathione (GSH) is a tripeptide amino acid which conposes of Cysteine, Glycine and Glutamic acids. The production process is mostly done at our livers. Therefore, our liver must be healthy in order for Glutathione to be produced. GlutaFrosta has a secret machanism, called "3x Triple Gluta Booster". It has 3 major machanisms to help our bodies increase Glutathione by ourselves at maximum level. Glutathione is healthy and safe.

    Lycpene: It is a super Anti-Oxydant that work on fat body part. This element is extracted from tomato. Lycpene help protecting cells from UV rays and protecting DNA from destroying. Lycpene is not only good for skin but also good for curing some cancers.

    Coenzyme Q10: It is one of the best essential element for body. Coenzyme Q-10 gives energy to muscles and heart. It also nourishs collagens and promotes the body's production of collagen. The result is to delay premature wrinkles.

    Pycnogenol: It is extracted from Pine Bark. Pycnogenol has OPCs which our stomach can easily absorb. They help enhancing skin's health and make the skin pinky white. Additionall, OPCs can strengthen our tissue and blood vessels. Additionally, its feature of enhancing brain's health and protecting enzymes to degrade collagen makes our skin stay

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