Selasa, 30 Jun 2015

sivanna colors lip pencil

SHIVANA COLORS IN BRIEF: Shivana Colors is a cosmetics brand of Hong Fa co. LTD and is mostly sold in South East Asian countries. 

I can't say that in India, this brand is not easily available, but yes, it is available in markets, beauty supply stores and also online. 

Here it is costly, whereas in other countries, like the ones where its in easy reach, its cheaper in price. But the bottom line is, what's the quality of the products? And the quality is very much satisfactory.
ABOUT THE PRODUCT: This product is available in 12 sexy and bright shades, but I made up my mind to grab the deep sexy glossy red shade. 

The quality of the product is really nice and it won't do any harm to your lips. 

You just need to apply one stroke and you are good to go. I'm loving this shade, texture and the results.

harga: rm6.00

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