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berina hair straightening

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Hair straightening is always in fashion. Inash would love to have straight and healthy hair ever after. It never went out of fashion since the day it came. People go for permanent hair straightening but it needs extra care. Some of us don’t have the patience to do that. Hair straightening cream is for you people. Cream used for hair straightening permits you to temporarily achieve a straight and smooth hair.

Dengar memang mudah.

Ikut steps  below and master the technique.

Straight Hair is always a wow moment

1. Sebelum guna cream ini,your hair should be clean. So,wash your hair before applying the cream. Scrunch your hair in a clean towel and remove all the water from the hair. Brush rambut untuk.keluarkan segala kekusutan dan bendasing.

2. Ambil sedikit cream BERINA dan apply ke rambut. Always start with small amounts as you can always build up the product. Perlu start dari anak rambut and spread BERINA to your tips. Apply once again if needed..

3. Sikat rambut dengan shampoo brush. This will spread the product more evenly into your hair. Buat pengasingan 3-4 bahagian dan pinkan. You can do center parting and then convert each half into two more sections and so on.

4. After you have combed it out straight. Please make sure you keep it straight for the entire time. Start dengan bahagian paling bawah, gunakan round brush di bahagian paling bawah rambut and start blow drying. As you blow dry roll the brush towards the tips. Since the cream is heat activated it will set as heat falls on it. This will remove all the frizz and waves from the hair and make them get the shape you desire.

5. Continue brushing and blow drying until your hair is completely dry. Do the same for the rest of the sections. Then wash your hair for 10min. apply the nutraliser for approx. 15min, wash out then use the conditioner.

So apa tunggu lagi? Jom order dan miliki rambut lurus yang menawan hati insan tersayang

Image result for berina hair straightening

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