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slim perfect legs

Slim Perfect Legs (Made in USA).
The formula for the calf to hip to thigh makes my legs (Detox cleanse colon) formula for the resistance (the difficult).
Extracted from natural plant beans contain Coumarin is a supplement to my legs.
For those who want to reduce thighs and hips mainly. Help see the hips, thighs and toned.

Very slender shape up. Burn fat. Detroit's Max intestine help improve digestive system and help reduce leg swelling due to standing for long periods.

Ingredients / Ingredient.
Multi herbs (herbs reduce excess species).
Java tea extrect.
Ginko belboa leat estrect.
Chilli extract.
Fiber and enzymes extracted from vegetables and fruits.

How to eat
Dosage 1-2 capsules 15-30 minutes before breakfast and heavy meals 1-2 times a day.
(To be clear. Persons should be 1-2 months).
Caution: Children and pregnant women should not eat. No effect in the prevention and treatment of disease.
If the Sun allergies. Should be stopped immediately.
First panel contains 10 capsules.

harga: rm18.00

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