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gluta 300k sby kaoei

Super Whitening Skin Gluta 300000. (Dietary Supplement From Switzerland.

This item is popular like international famous brand and delicious flavor. It is 

in the top-pick from 

shelf at world class department stores in Bangkok Thailand

.Super Whitening Skin Gluta 300000. (Dietary Supplement From 


 Whitening  Reduces Scars  Acne Pits  Dark Sports  Freckles.Have Been Tested 

By Halal, 

GMP. Antioxidants Whitening  Reduces Scars  Acne Pits  Dark Sports  Freckles.

Gluta white 300000 Softgel super aura active white plus Vit C 20000mg + 

Gluta 300000mg 

from Switzerland. Super Whitening Snow Super Anti Oxidant Anti Aging Hight 


 Fiber Vit C Berry Mix Innovative and advanced skin care. White with pink 

skin. White glow

with the aura color of the skin soft, smooth skin like snow. Remove wrinkles, 


acne, freckles and white skin with a natural. 

      Anti-oxidant substant,help to improve skin to soft , whitening and smooth.

•             1 tablet include Glutathione 300000mg.

•             Protects the skin from the sun. Causing wrinkles.

•             Reduce acne, scars, freckles and dark spots.

•             No side effect.Natural extract.


 - L-Glutathione                                 300000mg.

- Collagen                                          200000mg.

 - Super Lemon (Vit C)                        20000mg.

   Vit C                                                  1000mg.

-Raspberry    extract                          10000mg.

-Coenzyme Q 10                                    100mg.   
 - Bioflavonoi                                          1000mg.

-Placenta                                                600mg.

-Fiber                                                    60000mg. 

- Pine Bark Extract                                  100mg.

- Grape Seed Extract                              100mg.

 - Koji Berry                                             500mg.

- Acerora cherry                                   1000mg.

 - Green Coffee Berry                            100mg.

- Berry Fruits Extract                               100mg. 

2 capsules to be taken daily with water 10-15 minutes before food (1 in the morning and 1 at night). Not recommended during pregnancy or breast feeding, for the elderly or for children. For excellent effect please use continuouse 2-3 months.The effect will show in 1 week. 



Glutathione has an interesting side effect on the body that some see as 

unwanted and other see as helpful. Glutathione is an inhibitor of melanin in

the skin, meaning that it actually causes the pigment of the skin to lighten. 

Primarily produced in Asia, in countries like Japan and the Philippines

glutathione soaps and lotions claim a number of skin benefits. Glutathione 

cosmetics, besides lightening the pigment of the skin, also claims to reduce 

blemishes and dark spots, melasma, chloasma, hyperpigmentations freckles 

and acne scars, as well as return a rosiness to the skin that's often associated 

with youth and vitality.

Because glutathione has been called a master antioxidant, producers of 

glutathione supplements and lotions also claim that glutathione when used on 

the skin is able to reduce and reverse some of the effects of age and damage 

from oxidization. Oxidization is one of the main causes of aging on the skin, 

and many cremes exist that are full of antioxidants and claim to help reverse

 some of the causes of aging.

Vitamin C 

Vitamin C skin lightening has become a popular subject in skin care circles 

recently, and with good reason. Vitamin C, an essential water soluble vitamin,

 otherwise known as Ascorbic acid was made popular in the 1970s by the work 

of two time Nobel prize winning scientist Linus Pauling. Our bodies are not 

able to make vitamin C and so it must be obtained from our diet. Vitamin C is

 an "antioxidant" and can protect the cells of the body from damage caused by

 free-radicals, un-paired electrons, created by normal biological processes and 

environmental pollutants, that can wreak havoc at the cellular level. Vitamin

 C is also critical for Collagen synthesis, important for skin,ligament & bones 

formation. Natural and synthetic forms appear to be the same chemically and 

there is not much evidence that either works better than the other, although 

the majority of research has been done using synthetic versions. Dr. Pauling 

recommended about 2000 MG per day in the 1970s but today the Pauling 

Institute recommends about 400 milligrams a day in two divided doses. This is 

based on more current research not available to Dr. Pauling. Vitamin C is 

available in a number of different forms including

Koji Berry(Goji Berry)

Goji berries are a wonder health food and popular among young and old 

equally. However, very lately it has been found that women love goji berries 

and a chunk portion of these berries are consumed by women. A latest study 

suggests that goji berries have become a part of diet of young teenage girls and


-  Anti-aging properties: Women like goji berries because they wish to stay 

forever young. These berries have excellent properties which make them a fit 

product to be regularly consumed as a part of diet. Women love the anti 

oxidant properties of these berries which is known to prevent the process of 

ageing. It is known that people, who consume berries as a regular part of their 

diet, are known to slow down the process of ageing.

-  Skin rejuvination properties: Goji berries are considered to be very good for

 skin. This is the natural way to keep skin fresh and rejuvenated. Women no 

longer need to resort to chemicals or substances which can cause damage to 

the skin. It has been seen many times that prolonged use of chemicals and 

other synthetic materials is known to have damaging effects on the skin in the

 long run causing marks and pigments in the skin. It helps to get a flawless and

 wrinkle free skin. Goji berries are used in a topical application cream along 

with lotions which are considered to be an important constituent of differen

t skin products. 

-  Relieves Stress: Women also face a lot of problems due to lack of sleep. After

 the stress and strain caused through out the day, if a lady is not able to sleep 

through out the night it can be very harmful to her body. It can cause severe 

illness if lack of sleep becomes a regular phenomenon such as increase in the 

levels of blood pressure. In order to sleep through out the night, many women 

have pills which help them to sleep. However prolonged use of such pills is 

known to have side effects which can be a cause of concern in the long run.

-  Aids in Weight-loss: Another important reason for why women love goji 

berries is that these berries help her to stay fit and healthy. The berries are 

known for their properties which help to reduce obesity. Regular consumption 

of the berries help in gaining stamina and strength - thus when she exercises 

she does not feel tired and exhausted. She can carry out here exercises as 

much as she wants and as how long as she wants. This way she can maintain a 

perfect figure and remove excess fat from her body.

-  Boosts Immunity: Goji berries are known to improve the overall immunity 

and strength of the body. When a lady consumes these berries she feels much

 active and healthy. It helps to keep her heart and bones fit, giving her the 

stamina to continue with the day's work.


Bioflavonoids are found in the colored part of grains, vegetables, fruits, herbs 

and flowers. They are also referred to as flavenoids. They cannot be produced 

in our bodies so they must be provided in our diets. They are sometimes 

referred to as vitamin P. They are not in the strictest sense true vitamins. 

When taken in combination with vitamin C this nutrient enhances our bodies 

ability to absorb vitamin C. Hesperetin, hesperidin, and eriodictyol are 

different types of bioflavonoids. Other types include quercetin, quercetrin and 

These nutrients have been found to help prevent cellular damage caused by 

free radicals. In recent studies bioflavonoids have shown to be helpful for 

clotting the blood. This can aid those suffering from phlebitis and other 

clotting disorders.

A bioflavonoid found in blue green algae quercetin may effectively treat and 

prevent asthma symptoms. This nutrient has shown to inhibit histamine 

release from mast cells and the manufacture of allergy related compounds.

 Quercetin seems to have both a vitamin C sparing effect and a direct 

stabilizing effect on membranes including mast cells. Quercetin is also 

considered a phytoestrogen. That is a plant substance that acts in a way 

similar to estrogen. Quercetin has been found to have antiestrogenic activity 

that may lead to reduced risks of some cancers. It has been found to inhibit 

breast cancer cells in a test tube.

12 soft gel

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