Ahad, 28 September 2014

taping thigh shaper

*Innovative and revolutionary slimming design to get rid of flabby thighs instantly

*Hides bulges, bumps and rolls while giving you the sexy, long-limbed and curvy hourglass figure 

*Highly recommended by Taiwanese beauty expert Kevin 

*Featured in Taiwanese talk show & Japanese beauty Talks Shows

*Extremely popular in Japan and Taiwan

*Massages for better blood circulation and burns fat at thigh area

*Increases metabolic rate and burns twice the amount of calories compared to not wearing one

*Simulates blood circulation during movement at the same time toning and firming the thigh 


Warna: Hitam 

Material: Nylon, Spandex (breathable fabric)

Size: Ukur lilit paha: 40-50cm


harga: rm20.00

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