Sabtu, 27 September 2014


I normally go to my local salon to have my pedicure done and she’s great but I recently saw an ad on tv about the Pedipro, so I went to purchase from Boots because I needed something that would quite literally do all the work for me without having to fork out £20 a time (My regular pedicure costs me £20).

The pedipro is like a sanding machine but for the feet, it has a buffer pad and metal pad which looks like a cheese grater but its surprisingly gentle.
I was in two minds about the product because of the reviews. Many people say the motor is very weak, whenever pressure is applied, the buffer would stop. But having tried and tested it I am happy to say that it works!

For anyone considering purchasing this, you need to be patient!, Don’t expect it to it give you baby soft feet in 5 mins, it does not work miracles! , Apply the right amount of pressure (you will get the hang of it eventually) because the motor will stop for safety reasons I assume and use it in an open area because most of the dust will go everywhere unfortunately.
Overall its great, I love it and it saves me a lot of money.

harga: rm40.00

pedipro murah

pedipro borong

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