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germa shape up camisole



• This camisole is able to reduce 377calories per hour (Burns of the fats using Germanium, Negative Ions, Sliver and Titanium contained in the material.).
• Able to push up bust area.
• Supports & firms up waist & body area.
• Match it with a cardigan or just simple put it on.
• Now you can enjoy slimming down anytime everywhere
• All day firm body bust up control.
• Seamless design.
• Flattens and slenderizes.
• Supports and enhances.


• Please stop wearing, if skin allergy.
• Please do not scratch material with finger nails or over stretch the material.
• When washing, please turn inside out. Machine wash with laundry net.
• If the tightening effect is too strong or need to wear long hours, take off and wear for few hours then put on again.
• Not suitable for young children & people with skin allergy, and for the pregnant women.

Benefits of Germanium:

• Resets the disorder of electric potential balance of the nerve cell, activating the nerve cell.
• Reacts with body temperature and the germanium electron balances the pH value in our blood.
• Aids in the discharge of waste particles in the blood, purifies and promotes blood circulation.
• Increases immunity and natural healing ability and prevents our body from losing its elasticity and prevents skin from pre-mature sagging due to ageing.

                                                                   Colour: Black
                                                                       Size : m. L

                                                                 harga: rm23.00

germa shape up camisole murah

germa shape up camisole borong

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