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freebra silicone breast plump

FreeBra silicone breast freebra within 1 minute walking imported from Japan, it cost 310 baht.

FreeBra size 34 silicone breast plump freebra within 1 minute.
Bra, silicone bra, silicone breast implants wireless.Silicone unbra wireless chest strap open back as well as wireless Internet access. dresses evening dress strapless dress, etc.. never trap me dance like a chill red (dark meat).

Breasts, small breasts, sagging breasts, firm breasts to plump plump within 1 minute. (both real woman And I want to use it).

freebra used to wear on any occasion, anytime you want. 
Allows you to wear it all. Whether Halter Strapless open back shoulder is limitless. Give you a distinctive personality gorgeous with confidence.

* Silicone Bra freebra is designed to The Island has a close attachment to the breast. , while the outer firmer breasts beautifully.
* Silicone Bra freebra soft features Blend naturally when you wearUnBra already feel like a part of your body. Feel free to makeMovement
Bra silicone breast implants. Self-adhesive with a cup size 32, 34, 36 body colors give you more confidence.

 No harm to the skin with

Description: Introducing the Sealy cone bra. To feel comfortable and natural Confidence in your skin. Ideal for those with smaller breasts. I do not need to wear a bra. 

Works well with Halter strapless or even sleeveless dress, swimsuit, easy to use, insert and remove, can be attached to it better not be afraid of falling.Easy to clean without washing. Just wash with water without scrubbing. And dry in the shade. Silicone bra strap. 

The shoulder strap and back strap. Attaches itself. Bras without superimposed (A glue-in) is applicable to all types of shirts, both bra. singlet or dress strapless bikini. (The pool is not it), feel free. 

Movement is not the view that natural breast bra silicone flesh is very soft. , no one knows, even being exposed to the outside! Or, if you want to put a bra over again. In addition to increasing breast size up.

Silicone split into 2 parts to boost your collet closer. Sexy and plump up via lab test that does not harm the skin.

Out of the same old story, then I put a heavy bulky uncomfortable.

- Use silicone made ​​from 100% vegetable fat. certification does not cause allergic reactions

- can be washed and reused over and is 80 - 100 times.

- despite the exercise Sweating it does not have to worry about that will come next.

How to wear

1.The soap and sweat it out of the chest. Wipe with a towel to dryDo not apply powder, cream or perfume

2 (a step forward) in front of the mirror holding the sides of the cup. Pressure to the adhesive sticking out. Placement of the cup on the chest to get the desired angle. Then use your fingertips to gently press the cup to be close to the skin. Do the same with the other breast. Make sure that the alignment chest level. (See the accompanying video above). 3 skip pages And use both hands to lift the breast up and hold for a while. Do not pull the hook because they may cause malfunction.

* Note: If the breasts are not shaped like that new contact.
* Freebra easy to use Both to wear and remove.
Cleaning Wash with soap and water and wipe. Then air dry

harga: rm42.00

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