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airy curl hair styler

Easy to use and convenient to carry!
Brand new and high quality.
This is an airy curl styler which operates only with one hand is produced by hair make up artist.
Offers simple, few steps solution for getting a gorgeous head of curls. The curl styler will revolutionize the way you treat your hair.

 Highly recommended Products, bringing out your natural beauty curls you were born with.Special bump designed hair curl styler so as not to slide easily when curling the hair.Easy to use the curling tool without causing any injury to your hair.

How to use: insert the black part of the cutting-edge, wind the hair and then use hair                                                   dryer to blow into a shaped hairstyle.

Keep out of the direct sun and fire. The risk of children playing and swallow.
Material: polycarbonate
1x Hair curler


: rm16.00

airy curl hair styler murah

airy curl hair styler borong

airy curl hair stylers original

airy curl hair styler

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