Rabu, 6 Ogos 2014

waxvac ear cleaner

• As seen on TV. Gentle and effective ear cleaner.
• Includes 8 reusable silicone tips and cleaning brush.
• Say goodbye to cotton swabs!
• WaxVac Ear Cleaner is the safe way to clean your ears.
• Gentle suction draws dirt particles and moisture from the ear.
• Safety guard prevents tip from entering too far.
• Unit disassembles for fast, thorough cleaning.
• Features an examining light.
• Safe and easy to use.
• Safety guard prevents tip from entering too far into ear.
• Silicone tips protect ear.
• Handy examining light.
• Includes: WaxVac ear cleaning device;
• 8 non-sterile silicone tips, cleaning brush, instruction sheet.
• Swabs push wax and debris further into the ear, which can damage ear drums.
• WaxVac gently draws moisture and debris from ears!




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