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slimming diet berry / apple / orange pluse


100% Guarantee Of Authenticity.

Sliming Diet Berry / apple / orange Plus Drink Powder Berry For Weight Loss.

Say Goodbye To Fat From Now On Sliming Diet Berry Plus.

Kinds Of Coffee Drinks Berry Powder For Weight Loss.

Accelerated Fat Burning Weight Reduction Cholesterol Cattle Race. No Side Effects On The Brain. Certified Results Altered Within 7 Days Firmware Compact Shape Fit The Body Shape Is Always Delicious With A Blend Of Natural Extracts, L - Carnitine's. Collagen Helps The Skin Healthy Skin Elasticity Whitening Delicious Plus Healthy. No Safety Hazards. And ... The Side Effects. Say Goodbye To Fat Is The New Good Shape Forever.

Do Not Wait ... If You Are Healthy.

- For Those Who Want To Lose Weight / Hungry Often.

- People Who Want To Reduce Fat In The Blood.

- People Who Have Problems With The Stomach. Stomach Pain When Eating The Wrong Time.

- People Who Have Taken A Hard Bowel Movement.

** Control Or Reduce Weight By Drinking And Eating Berries After 5 Among Others.
No Physical Harm Of Any Kind Because It Is Natural.
Non-Chemical Extraction.

How To Use: Tea Bag With 250 Ml Of Plain Water Or Iced Tea To Drink Water 30 Minutes Before Or After Breakfast Or Lunch As You Enjoy Your Special Day, One Pack A Day Recommended To Drink Water Frequently.

Packing: 1 Pack Weighs 12 G / 1 Box Of 10 Sachets / Net Weight 120 Grams.

slimming diet plus 



harga 1 box  10 sachets rm20.00

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