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pure mineral bb cream

Maybelline Pure Mineral B.B. Cream (30ml)


Feels light on the skin
Light coverage
Mineral based, so it’s great for sensitive skin
Does not irritate my skin at all. I’ve been using this for about 6 
months now, and my acne has gotten better
Great base for foundation
The greasiness can be easily blotted away with tissue
Natural looking
Basically a tinted moisturizer (Which is basically what a BB cream is)
Economically feasible. Cheap for a large volume.
Easy to apply
Can be used in place of a sunblock

Maybelline Pure Mineral B.B. Cream (30ml) Harga Murah Giler


The mouth is an open hole, which means you have to squeeze 
the product out on your hands, then wipe any residue off the mouth. 
This allows for the transfer of bacteria and dirt into the
 product in the container from your hands.
With flawed skin (which my skin is), you need to use a 
foundation over it. Preferably powdered.
Greasy feel if you forget to blot away with tissue
Piling on too much will make you look white. 
(Most face creams with SPF will do this)

Maybelline Pure Mineral B.B. Cream (30ml) Harga Murah Giler

How to Use

 Using a Brush: Use either a buffing brush or a firm 
standard foundation brush

 Using Your Hands: Put many small dots around your

  forehead, chin, nose, and cheekbones then  spread with hands. Make sure hands are clean
 Apply after moisturizing

Little Tip
Avoid putting dots of the BB cream near the frame of your face. 
This will give the illusion of your face being slimmer and of having great face structure

harga: rm13.00

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