Ahad, 17 Ogos 2014

gluta white shock

 Gluta White Shock by D-idol glutathione Shelled (30 capsules).

Gluta White Shock Shelled Glutathione 30 capsules.
White skin with pink cheeks

 NEW! Imported from USA

- see results in just 1 week

- Skin whitening silky gloss.

- Reduce melanin production

- tightens pores

How to use: 1 tablet daily before bed and drink plenty of water.
Warning: children and pregnant women. Lactating women do not eat

L-Glutathione 10,000mg
Acerola Cherry extract 550 mg
Co-Q10 880mg
Collagen 500mg
Vitmin C 150mg
Vitmin E 200mg

FDA 11-1-06135-1-0055

harga: rm35.00

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