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gluta frosta

Gluta Frosta 30 Capsules Secret Recipe for Natural Clear White L-glutathione
 Experiance GLUTAFROSTA Once in a life time THe result is Beyond Your Imagnation!

GlutaFrosta help change your life to have white skin and a better quality of life perfectly.
Life in the age of globalization, but the haste with a nuke, which was the cause of pollution, sunlight, and skin diseases including acne and rough skin spots GlutaFrosta are high quality supplements. The Standard Oil., Halal, GMP level by a formula Excellent supplement to the study of Thailand and Asia in particular. Select all the nutrients of the best quality from Europe. America and Japan only allows GlutaFrosta firming Whitening skin from the inside out.

• Gluta Frosta - Secret Recipe for Natural Clear White L-glutathione ,pine park extract -Dietary supplement L-glutathione ,pine park extract,vitamin c and More 11 All high quality Subtances from Europe and Japan to Asians Secret Recipe for Natural Clear White Clear White Skin from Inside Without Makeup Clear White is all people's inspiration from ages.
• GlutaFrosta has 14 important essential ingredients for Asian people to have white and clear skin. All ingredients energize each others for the best result on your skin. Supplement facts of Gluta Frosta Glutathione Many of us are already familiar with Glutathione. All blood cells need Glutathione to clean out all toxics in our bodies.
• Liver is our main factories in producing Glutathione. Another appreciate benefit of Glutathione is its ability to inhibit melanin to produce dark color on skin. The result is whiter and brighter skin. Coenzyme Q-10 It is one of the best essential element for body. Coenzyme Q-10 gives energy to muscles and heart. It also nourishs collagens and promotes the body's production of collagen. The result is to delay premature wrinkles.
• Direction : 1-2 Capsules Daily 1 Capsule with Breakfast 1 Capsules with Dinner Quantity: 1 Box & A free gift Net wt. : 30 Capsules.
• We all love white young face and smooth skin with no wrinkle. If at all possible, we would love to be beautiful without any foundation, concealer or lipstick. We all dream to have a baby face. GlutaFrosta has been dedicatedly researched on skin whitening supplement for real Asian people. Our innovation is called "Frosta Technology". It is the technology that truely understand the real situation that our skins have to face with poluted environment. With the utmost effectiveness of GlutaFrosta, your skin can finally look white, firm and clear naturally.

Product Information.
Gluta Frosta innovation. Rich extracts imported from various countries to 14 for those who want the skin smooth and radiant urgently see fast, safe and no side effects. Feel the skin healthy from the inside out and truly rich extract good for skin. Also helps to detox toxic residue on the skin to reduce acne marks, freckles, sun spots on the face of the shorts. Uneven skin tone.
14 ingredients in GlutaFrosta.

glutathione extract. Imported from abroad. Guaranteed pretty clear in the box only to see the over narration. Keeps your skin smooth, bright and reduce wrinkles with pine bark. Acerola Cherry Coenzyme Q10.
- L-glutathione 125mg.
- L-Cystein 100mg.
- L-Glutamine 50mg.
- Microcrystalline 45mg.
- Extract from pine bark 30mg.
- Acerola cherry 25mg.
- Alpha-lipoic acid 25mg.
- Glycine 25mg.
- Vitamin C 20mg.
- Extract from tomato 20 mg.
- Zinc 20mg.
- Coenzyme Q10 5mg.
- Magnesium 5mg.
-Natural Vitamin E 5mg.

Take 1-2 Capsules Per Day




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