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danbali body shaping

Danbali Body underWear provides maximum uplift and shaping.
It moulds and sculpts your body in all the right places, giving you a slim, sexy silhouette and a perfect, curvy "hourglass" figure.

With the use of Power Net fabric, skillfully constructed and sewn, provides the ultimate in body shaping allowing you to look great in absolute comfort. 

It enhances and defines curves, redistributing weight aroundyour torso to crate a slim, smooth and sexy contour.

Body Shaping Wear is also designed to permanently correct and reconstruct your body contours. 

Your body will seen slimmer, more firm and toned and more shapely in all the right places.

Danbali underWear enhances and defines curves while offering maximum comfort – firms waistline and lifts bottom for a sleek, sexy figure.

Saiz: L,XL,XXL

L: CHEST B75/WAIST 67 - 73 CM / HIP 86 - 96 CM
XL: CHEST B80/WAIST 73 - 79 CM / HIP 89 - 99 CM
XXL:CHEST B85 /WAIST 78 - 85 CM / HIP 91 - 103 CM

Saiz L sama dgn saiz s-m (53 kg ke bwh)
Saiz XL sama dgn L (54 - 63kg)
XXL  sama dgn XL (64 - 73kg)


1 rm 35.00

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