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benice facial sauna

Benice Facial Sauna Harga Murah Giler

Benice Facial Sauna Harga Murah Giler

Description of facial sauna

Specification of SPA- INTENSE CLEANING EFFICIENT HYDRATING IMPROVING BLOOD CIRCULATIONSpecification of SPA FACIAL -Intense cleaning Efficient Hydratating Improving Micro Circulation
Warm steam facial sauna suitable for facial or nasal treatment.

Dual facial spa cone : Facial steamer and for concentrated steam to assist in respiratory therapy.
LED lights 3 gears control Promote regenration
Working power: 100W
Stall switch: high, mid, low Max water : 40mL Water vapor time: 100'S
Product size: 22*20*26CM

harga: rm55.00

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