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crystal collagen lips mask

Crystal Collagen Lip Mask Gold Edition
Anti-Wrinkle, Blemish Clearing, Firming, Lightening, Moisturizer

Collagen Crystal Lip Mask applies transparent technology that uses plant collagen, provitamin, hyaluronic acid, purified water, lavender essence and grape seed oil. The Lip mask softens your lips, exfoliates, repairs your lips and refines agin

g by cell regenarating. Deep moisturizing and wrinkle soothing.

Unlike the body skin, the lip skin remains at a PH value of 7.2 without secreting any water or oil. Therefore, all the nourishment comes from the external care. In addition, irregular work and rest, air-conditioning or even eating spicy hot pot food may add to the burden on the lips. 

✔ This item is being supplied to many popular beauty saloon in Taiwan.
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The lips are mainly made up of mucosa without any stratum corneum or sebum line as with that on the skin. So lips are actually very fragile and to be doubly protected. Poor circulation, UV rays colored and lipsticks will all cause pigmentation. Some ingredients in lipsticks may even cause dullness. In addition, lip care is a matter of both beauty and health. 

According to medical findings, sun screening for lips is somewhat related to cold sores, as the UV rays can weaken immunity, resulting in internal virus. Therefore, those subject to cold sores should pay attention to the sun screening for lips.

By means of biomimetic membrane, which is of the best affinity with the skin, the Gold Crystal Collagen Lip Mask stores natural fruit acid, collagen, amino acids moisturizing factor and vitamin E. Through slow infiltration, it protect the lips against UV lights, and keep the lip moist to prevent the lips from accelerated aging for fear of the emergence of dullness or fine lines.

Main Ingredients: Collagen, Amino Acid, Natural Fruit Acids, Vitamin E, Glycerine, Hyaluronic Acid, Jojoba Oil

Material: Crystal

Main Uses:
♕ For cracked/dry lips. 
♕ Helps rejuvenate and keeps lips moisturised. 
♕ Can be used even if you don't have dry lips. 
♕ Gives your lips a plumping glistening effect with the added moisture.
♕ Helps protect lips from direct UV rays

★ Remove the lip dead skin cells, restoration of smooth soft lips.
★ Powerful lock-in water moisturizing efficiency.
★ To maintain brightness of lips.
★ Add collagen to fill fine lines lips to plump and beautifying effect.
★ Effective against ultraviolet rays,keep lips soft and avoid accelerated aging lips. 
★ Causing fine lines to diminish.

How to Use:
♕ Wear the Lip mask for about 20-30 minutes.
♕ The Lip mask will gradually dissolve under body temperature and permeate quickly into the skin, providing the nutritients and moisture needed.
♕ You may massage your lips after taking off the Lip mask to help absorb the essence.

Gold Crystal Collagen Lips Mask berfungsi mengeluarkan dan membuang sel kulit bibir yang mati serta membuat bibir yang kering kembali cerah, lembab, halus & elastis.

☆ Melembutkan Bibir
☆ Mencerahkan Warna Bibir
☆ Memulihkan Bibir Dari Mengelupas,Kering.
☆ Membaiki Sel2 Bibir untuk Kelihatan muda,Lembab.
☆ Melembabkan Bibir

Cara Penggunaan:
  1. Bersihkan bibir dari lip balm/lipstick sebelum memakai mask.
  2. Buka pek, lekatkan mask pada bibir, digalakkan anda dalam posisi baring semasa memakai lip mask supaya ekstraknya tidak hanya turun ke bawah.
  3. Biarkan sekurang-kurangnya 45 minit ke 1 jam supaya mask essence benar2 meresap ke dalam kulit.
  4. Selepas penggunaan/remove mask, massage bibir untuk memudahkan penyerapan saki baki mask essence.
  5. Pakai 2/3 kali seminggu utk kesan maksima.

harga: 1.50

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