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the slimming diet 40 caps

Products are imported from Korea by PB Pretty White Co., Ltd.

 Products accelerate fat metabolism, reduce fat, reduce weight, reduce fat. Antioxidant figure fitting body without side effects. Harmless It is a natural product.  

Important component.            
- Extracts from the cactus.           
- Orange.           
- White Kidney Bean Extract.           
- Chomium.           
- Phylium husk. 

Warning: children and pregnant women. Should not eat.Keep away from children and sunlight.  

Manufactured by: Manufactured By UNOZAWA COMPANY (KOREA). Imported and distributed by: PB Pretty White Co., Ltd. Ramkhamhang Rd., Saphan Sung, Bangkok 10240 (a subsidiary TK Natural Cosmetics Co., Ltd.).   

Guidelines for the treatment of weight loss.  First. Strictly prohibited fasting. Because it makes the body weak and threatening harm. 

Warning to all weight loss products are not suitable for children, pregnant women and those with underlying diseases of all kinds. 

harga : rm35.00

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