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lipo 9 burn slim

Lipo 9 Burn Slim By Pretty White.Melbourne by nine lipoprotein Slim Pretty White.Best Buy now actually see the real slim 100%.

The lower abdomen, thighs, hips, accelerate cell weight.Imported from Switzerland with a high fiber diet helps your digestive system.

Actually reduced to 8 kg, and entrap the fat of all kinds. 

The removal of the fat out with.Excretion and sweat to help keep the digestive system break down and speeding up fat burning syndrome is six times.The components of the extract concentration. 

Inhibit change. Starch to sugar, reduce appetite.The fat comes from fat excretion. The digestive system. Feel comfortable.Anti-oxidants and fiber Ideal for constipation.

There are no side effects because it is a natural product. 

The local effects of the brain.

Oristat 170 mg.
Xinical 90 mg.
Fiber 10,000 mg.
Fruit and vegetables and 5,000 mg.
L-carnitine 2,000 mg.
Vit C 1000 mg.
White Kidney Bean 500 mg.
Guinea, India, 
500 mg.Orange 500 mg.
Simon Hunt William Warrick 500 mg.
Cactus 500 mg.
Chitosan 500 mg.
CLA 500 mg.

Size: 10 caps 2 panels with each panel.

How to eat: Take one pink tablet 30 minutes before breakfast.

And taking the green tablets before dinner or before a meal was 30 minutes.

WARNING: Children and pregnant women should not eat. Prevention and treatment should not be kept away from children and sunlight.

1 kotak terdapat 10 capsule 

untuk borong harga paling murah. sila sms atau whatsap saya untuk deal harga yang anda mahu

info: mesti baca sebelum beli

apa itu lipo9 original
1 ada tanda halal dan gmp di belakang botol
2- lipo9 yang pertama kali keluar (lebih original)

lipo9 baru
1- tiada tanda halal
" ini adalah ubat_ ubatan  ( ubatan yang halal mestilah mempunya cop halal bagi mengesahkan ianya halal) - product ini keluaran kilang ** bukan keluaran dari kampung yang x perlu tanda halal.

** pastikan anda tahu apa yang anda ingin beli _ pastikan halal


1 botol 30 caps rm50.00 ( original )

1 botol 30 capsul rm30.00 ( baru )

1 pack 10 capsul rm18.00

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  1. mcmana nak dpt kan barang ini..

  2. bankin kan total ke dalam akaun saya, kemuadian info detail bankin tersebut, nama dan detail alamat, saya akan poskan.

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  4. sis mcm mana nak dpt kanproduk ni? lipo 9 ni sama dgn tk nature yang capsule ke

  5. cm mne nk dptkn produk ni..