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Butea Superba is a plant found in Thailand. Butea is used by middle aged and older Thai men as a tonic and sexual enhancer.

Butea Capsules consist of flavonoids & flavonoid glycosids, which support normal sexual function, erectile capacity
also enhance sensitivity and performance. Therefore, it can be used for alternative male hormone replacement
therapy to relieve andropause and long term impotence care.

following are some of the sexual problems Butea Superba capsules can cater to:
Premature Ejaculation
Weak erection
Erectile Dysfunction
Loss of Sexual Desire in Men
Painful Penetration

Recommended usage:

Take one capsule, three times daily with main meals.

If there is any sign of irregulars, stop taking the pill and seek for doctor. Do not take more than 4 capsules per day
100 capsules
Brand new & factory sealed
Expiration date:
between 18-24 months
butea superba flower Found in the hills of Thailand, a natural compound is definitely creating a worldwide sexual sensation. It is called Butea Superba, and it has a molecular structure that makes it a natural PDE 5 inhibitor making it a perfect natural male enhancer. The research and development behind identifying the many benefits of this wonder compound was discovered and documented by award winning scientist. Dr. Wichai Cherdshewasart.
Butea Superba, or locally known as Red Kwao Krua in Thailand is a plant herb in the family Papilonaceae. This plant has the characteristics of being a crawling vine that wraps itself around large trees. Many species of this plant exist. Through an arduous research effort two species were selected for commercial cultivation. They are used for medical research, health supplements as well as for beauty treatment. Although there are chemical similarities to Pueraria Mirifica (White Kwao Krua) these two plants are very diverse in their chemical attributes. With the research effort it has been established that Butea Superba does facilitate vasodilation in the utilizing similar mechanisms as the prescription drug rejuvenate herb. Subjects also report an increase of energy without an increase in nervous system stimulation. Butea Superba has been used safely with no known side effects. According to research, this herb can be utilized as a mild alternative aphrodisiac.


The man behind Butea Superba
Dr Wichai Cherdshewasart, a biomedical researcher at the prestigious Chulalongkorn University in Thailand, identified the active component of the Butea Superba, and provided the actual supporting scientific data and clinical tests, that confirmed its natural ability to dramatically improve erectile function.
Dr Wichai, as he is known, has numerous scientific degrees, but he is really considered an Ethnopharmacologist. Ethnopharmacology is the study the biological properties of plants and plant components as potential medicinal remedies. Many valuable drugs in the world today (taxol, atropine, ephedrine, tubocurarine, digoxin, morphine, guanidine, physostigmine) came to use through the study of indigenous plant remedies. The world's largest pharmaceutical companies employ many ethno pharmacologists and chemists who continue to use plant-derived drugs as prototypes which they can then bring to market the synthetic derivative.
Through his research Dr Wichai developed a unique extraction and preparation process while identified and isolating the unique active component in Butea Superba that makes it such an effective compound for erectile function issues. Currently "Dr. Wichai" is a Professor in the Biology department at Chulalongkorn University in Thailand, often referred to as "The Harvard of Thailand", for its high academic standards and the accomplishments of its faculty.
Dr. Wichai began his research on Butea Superba in 1991, first by traveling all over rural parts of northern Thailand to search for and identify the best, most potent strains of Butea Superba. He achieved this through examining botanical characteristics, chemical analysis, consumption history, toxicology testing, as well as laboratory and non human clinical trails. In 1998, King Bhumibol of Thailand appointed him to Thailand's National Board of Biosafety, a group which concerns with protecting and preserving the natural plants that are found only in Thailand. The international organization Greenpeace praised his efforts to ban genetically modified foods from Thailand in one of their recent high-profile international campaigns.

 harga :

1 botol RM30 ( Sem M'sia)
1 botol RM35 (Sabah/Sarawak)
1 botol RM45 (Brunei)

100 Capsules

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