Ahad, 4 Mac 2012

GLUTA 100000 NaNo ( Speed White 7 day)

GLUTA 100000 NaNo (Speed ​​White 7 day), white and Korean.

Oh ...... WoW!!!!!! White again.

GLUTA 100000 NaNo (Speed ​​White 7 day).

Korea is very trendy these recipes Import from Korea.

Korean superstar and pretty popular with you ..................!!!

Why? Korean White to find the answer in this post.


- Max of glutathione.

- Absorption of the device safe.

- You will recognize the clear white on the other.

- Bright white to look good.

- Restoration of skin blemishes, discoloration, acne skin between the legs, arms reach clear.

- Rough skin.

- White with pink flowers, like cherry blossoms.

How to eat.

Contact with one tablet daily at bedtime for 7 days to boost the skin's. Will notice the change of the main body of the person 3 days to 1 tablet (1 box of 10 tablets).

1 KOTAK = 10capsul
semenanjung rm25.00

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  1. i nak yang ni.. tolong ajar cara membeli .my contact 0107119742, saya daniel

  2. yg nie buat masa skrg nie x ade stok, awk ble tengok 100k snow white yg paling latest punya keluaran, cara beli infokan sy barang yg awak nak, bankin kan total ke dalam acc, kemudian sms sy detail bankin nama dan detail alamat untk saya poskan

  3. sy nk yg ni, ader stok lg x?