Sabtu, 31 Disember 2011

rice milk ( set 1 )

kangungan set
(1) sabun susu beras 1 unit
(2) kream susu beras siang
(3) kream susu beras malam (night foundation cream)

NIGHT CREAM Skin cream specially formulated.
 Extracted from rice,
 milk and vitamin E,
which features.

 To repair the skin cells to clarify the fag clear smooth skin. Pore pitches.
 Moisture does not dry the skin,
making a shop packed tight skin glow with happiness and good health.
A luxurious cream that instantly soothes dry skin
 Rich in nutritive. restorative ingredients like rice milk extract.

Boosts production of natural lipids to restore moisture balance.

Blended with protective ingredients to build up skin resistance.

 Skin is nourished, protected.


harga untuk 1 set:
semenanjung : RM 35.00
 sabah dan serawak : RM40.00
 ( termasuk pos )

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