Jumaat, 2 Disember 2011


buatan korea bahan terkandung arang (charcoal) yang merupakan bahan kecantikan yang sering digunakan oleh masyarakat jepun sejak dahulu lagi.. fungsi: buang koto-kotoran/bintik-bintik putih (whitehead) yang terdapat pada wajah anda,membuat kulit wajah anda bersih,sihat dan segar,menghilangkan kotoran-kotoran yang tersumbat diliang-liang pori.. Charcoal powder is one of the traditional raw ingredients that Japanese women use to nourish their skin over the centuries. It is economical yet effective in removing stubborn impurities & dead skin cells. Natural Pack's mask is made from the purest charcoal extracts available with the advanced cosmetic processing techniques from Korea. This product hits the monthly Top 10 Ranking in the drug stores voted by the Japanese female users. Exclusively imported and sealed for extra freshness. Suitable for either oily or combination skin. Ideally to be used once a week only. Peel off mask strictly after it has turned dried. This Charcoal mask remove blackheads, those tiny facial hairs and also tighten your pores. Share Azizul Abd Aziz likes this. HARGA:RM15.00 harga pos laju(1-5 tiub untuk pos laju sahaja) semenanjung rm 5.00 sabah dan serawak rm8.00 pos biasa (5 tiub dan keatas) semenanjung rm 5.00 sabah dan serawak rm8.00

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